Ethics Symposium

High School Ethics Symposium

The Rotary Club of Madison has sponsored an annual Rotary Ethics Symposium for high school juniors since 2000.

Why an Ethics Symposium? In 1996, a committee explored the possibility of a large project for the club. They developed the following criteria to be used for consideration of possible projects: they must be of a benefit to the wider community, not be a duplication, have enduring consequences, enhance the visibility of our Rotary club and meet the criteria developed from the club’s 1995 survey of members. This survey recommended targeting youth, neighborhoods, learning, civic improvement and basic human needs with the basic provision that they embody Rotary values. It was determined that a large project should challenge the club, give synergy to other organizations, be unique and appropriate to Rotary and be manageable. The survey results ranked an ethics symposium a close second behind the selected project to grow our foundation’s scholarship fund, this project is ongoing with a planned giving campaign.

The club president established an ad hoc study committee to investigate a model for such a project developed by the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh. The committee did an excellent and thorough job and presented its report to the Rotary club board. It was unanimously approved, giving the go-ahead for the project to move forward.

The club’s Ethics Symposium Committee organizes the annual symposium. The committee’s statement of purpose is: To foster a reflective community with concern for the ethical dimensions of every day activities. And the mission: To conduct an annual experience focused primarily on juniors in high school that engages them in personal decision-making designed to foster life-long reflection on the ethical dimensions of their living.

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