The Hasta Memorial School/Freedom & Hope, in Nuwakot District, Nepal, was founded by Anjali Tamang, a survivor and anti-trafficking activist. Anjali returned to her village to combat trafficking and to protect the next generation of girls in her community by educating adults to change the culture by promoting sustainable economic activities. This project will provide the utility infrastructure for egg and chicken farming at a remote sustainable agriculture and rural outreach facility in the mountains of Nepal in Nuwakot.  The funds will enable solar lighting, solar charging, refrigeration, water and toilets.  
The facility will expand the safety net for even more remote girls, who are at high risk of child marriage and being trafficked.  It could help provide access for the remote girls to more services at the existing school and hostel in Ramati. The egg production capacity will supply much-needed sustainable nutrition for the students at the school and hostel as well as a source of income to the community. Hasta Memorial’s implementation partner is Her Future Coalition,, which has partnered with Hasta and Rotary clubs in Massachusetts to build a hostel and provide solar to support remote education for the survivor and girls at risk for being trafficked.
Total Project Budget for Outreach and Ag Center
Total project budget for the outreach and ag center scalable
Amount Requested:  The Madison Rotary Club has committed up to $5000 to support a solar installation.
An equal match from D 6250 will nearly complete the installation of water tanks, pumps and pipes. Rotary club partners can contribute to support other elements of this solar-powered WASH installation that will anchor the ag and education outpost.  The Rotary Club of Falmouth, Massachusetts, will contribute $1500 to be doubled by D 7950 for $3000 total. 
Contact: Karen Kendrick-Hands,