Madison Rotary Foundation Scholarship Program

Through our Madison Rotary Foundation Scholarship Program, the Rotary Club of Madison is proud to support Madison high school students who demonstrate outstanding character and leadership, a deep sense of obligation to their community, academic success and financial need.

Our Madison Rotary Foundation distributes over $350,000 each year to support four-year college scholarships to Madison high school students. These scholarships are made possible as a result of funds established by 15 generous named donors: Robert M. Bolz, Nathan F. Brand, Frederic S. Brandenburg, John J. Frautschi Family, Harry L. French, Dick Goldberg, Perry & Virginia Henderson, Louis Hirsig, Thomas Leonard, Irving & Dorothy Levy Family, Andrew A. McBeath, Regina M. Millner, Synergy, Cheryl Weston and the Worzala Family scholarship funds.

Rotary Scholars have the option of participating in our Scholar Mentorship Program in which a Scholar is paired with a Rotarian for the duration of the student’s college career.


“Cheryl Wittke has been an amazing mentor, and I know we will stay in contact long after graduation. I graduated from UW-Eau Claire in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with an Emphasis in Business.”
–Ayla Hammill, 2014 Leonard Scholar from Memorial High School


Mentorship provides students with support and coaching throughout their college career and can make a big difference in a student’s experience. As community leaders who care about supporting the youth in Madison, Rotarians enjoy helping Scholars prepare for a lifetime of success.

Mentors can be a consistent, supportive presence for Scholars, helping Scholars accomplish whatever challenge comes their way. A study published by MDRC shows how mentoring can reduce students’ depressive symptoms, foster greater acceptance by peers and instill more positive beliefs about their ability to succeed in school. Scholars may find that mentorship will help improve their outlook on themselves and their abilities and instill a sense of confidence, enabling them to take on new opportunities with optimism and a positive mindset.




Mentors work with their Scholars by listening and asking questions to challenge traditional ways of thinking to expand the Scholar’s perspective. Mentors may introduce new ideas or perspectives for Scholars to consider which can inspire Scholars to participate in new experiences and opportunities that can lead to building important skills.

The transitions students experience during college can be challenging. Rotarians come with a great deal of personal and professional experience, including successes and failures. As Mentors, they will draw upon these experiences to help Scholars navigate a variety of situations. Scholars can utilize their Mentors to test ideas in a safe way and to get constructive feedback. They can utilize Mentors to prepare for internships and jobs and to make connections with professionals.



Mentors and their scholars are invited to attend several events each year. These events create a space for scholars to interact with each other and to meet other Rotarians.

  • The Rotary Scholar-Mentor Summer Event typically takes place mid-July.
  • The Winter Break Mixer and Rotary Luncheon takes place before and during the first Rotary Club meeting in January at the same location as our regular Rotary luncheon. The mixer begins at 11:00 AM and is followed by the Rotary luncheon.

Mentors also have the option to participate in two Scholar Mentor Sub-committee meetings: one spring; one fall; in which we provide updates and information on upcoming events and opportunities such as internships, success stories and answer questions and/or address problems. These meetings are not required but are meant to support all mentors as a Scholar Mentor Sub-committee member.





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  • How do I learn more about my scholar prior to our first meeting?
    The Rotary office will provide mentors with a mentor packet, including your scholar’s commitment sheet in which you’ll find information about your scholar’s interests and a student data sheet, with the scholar’s contact information
  • How can I apply for a Madison Rotary Foundation Scholarship?
    Applications for our Madison Rotary Scholarship Program are available through participating Madison high school guidance counselors. Check with your school’s counselor today.
  • What are the Rotary Madison Foundation’s scholarship conditions?
    You must remain in good academic standing. This is defined as meeting the standards set forth by your school for advancement until you graduate. You must be registered as a full-time student, carrying and completing a minimum of 12 credits per semester, or 24 credits over an academic year. If you drop below 12 credits in the fall semester, you are expected to make up those credits by the end of the spring semester or summer session in order to maintain your scholarship. If you drop below 12 credits in the spring, those credits must be made up by the end of the summer session or the following semester before your scholarship payments will be resumed.
  • How do I collect my scholarship payment?
    We request that your college send an official transcript of your grades at the conclusion of each term. The official transcript must be sent directly by the school to the Madison Rotary Foundation via mail, fax or email to: Madison Rotary Foundation, 2 S. Carroll Street, Suite 255, Madison, WI 53703. Fax: 608-255-9007; Text 608-255-9164.
    Email: You must also send a written note via mail, fax, text or email, to the Madison Rotary Foundation to request your tuition payment for the next term. This communication should include your current mailing address where the payment should be sent and a brief paragraph updating us about your studies, activities and/or upcoming plans.

If you any questions, please contact our Rotary office at 608-255-9164 or via email at