Food Recycling Program
The Rotary Club of Madison is leading the way to reducing the massive amount of food waste across the state of Wisconsin by carrying buckets full of fruit and vegetable scraps to a custom-built compost bin at a local community garden.  The food scraps plus leaves plus dead plants and existing soil are mixed weekly, and the mixture turns into a rich soil for the community gardeners to use.  This is an elegant and beneficial re-use of scraps that were headed to a giant landfill where they would have increased the carbon in our atmosphere as methane gas.   In the compost bin where air is mixed with the scraps and millions of naturally beneficial soil organisms, the food scraps become rich soil, trapping carbon and enriching the gardens.   These gardens grow food-producing plants and native Wisconsin pollinator plants.
Recycling, Nature's Way
--excerpt from The Rotarian Magazine, December 2023
"Members of the Rotary Club of Madison, Wisconsin, started a composting project in 2022 that diverts food scraps from their weekly lunch from the landfill and turns them into fertilizer for a community garden affiliated with an elementary school."  Read more...