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2021-22 Officers

Teresa Holmes

Paul Hoffmann
Vice President

Patricia Jenkins

Dan Larson

Nick Curran
Assistant Treasurer

Anita Mahamed

Board Members 2021-22

Deb Archer
Brian Basken
Herman Baumann
Mark Clear
Stephen Ehlke
Jorge Hidalgo
Paul Hoffmann
Charles McLimans
Mary O'Brien
Valerie Renk
Leigh Richardson
Rob Van den Berg
Cheryl Wittke

Are you a community leader who is interested in taking part in transformational change in your community, making an impact around the world, and expanding your personal and professional network?  If so, the Rotary Club of Madison is eager to hear from you.

Become a Member
Our members are a diverse group of socially and ethically responsible leaders joining together to impact communities at the local level and on a global scale. And because membership fuels our club’s impact, we take it seriously.

  • The club’s classification system regulates the number of members from individual businesses and professional industries. This ensures a broad cross section of community representation and provides a unique opportunity for members to network with people from outside their own professional sphere.

Membership Expectations
Weekly Luncheon Meetings – Our club meets each Wednesday at the Park Hotel on the Square from 12:10pm until 1:05pm to enjoy lunch, connect with fellow members, and hear from guest speakers on a wide range of interesting topics.

Recent luncheon speakers include:

  • Jeremi Suri: Renewing American Democracy During the COVID-19 Crisis
  • Amy Gilman: Museums in the 21st Century
  • Ruben Anthony: Economic Development and Wealth Building on Madison’s Southside
  • Brad Binkowski: American Exchange Project
  • Elizabeth Bagley: From Global to Local: Climate Solutions in Action
  • Eileen Harrington: Restructuring City of Madison Government

Attending luncheons regularly is recommended in order to take full advantage of Rotary’s benefits, so members are expected to attend at least 50% of these meetings in each six-month period of our year.  If you’re worried about committing to attending weekly meetings, rest assured, the Rotary Club of Madison makes it easy for busy members to stay engaged while maintaining the attendance requirements. For example, members can attend:

  • Committee meetings or fellowship activities
  • A meeting at any of the 35,000+ Rotary Clubs around the world when traveling

Service – as a very engaged and active club, our members are asked to serve on at least one committee or join a fellowship group.

With 25 committees to select from, members have the opportunity to contribute their skills to our club in a variety of ways and accommodate their busy schedules as well. Here are just a few of our committees:

  • Budget & Finance Committee
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
  • Ethics Symposium Committee
  • Community Grants Committee
  • International Projects Committee
  • Club Meeting Assistance Committee
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Committee

Rotary Club of Madison is more than committee work and meetings – we have a lot of fun, too. Our club offers 29 fellowship groups, giving members the chance to learn new things while getting to know fellow members in a more casual setting. For example:

  • Big Wheels Bicycling Fellowship
  • Broadway Shows Fellowship
  • Going Green Fellowship
  • Hiking/Skiing Fellowship
  • Recent Important Books Fellowship
  • Sporting Clays Fellowship
  • Wine Fellowship

Our Committee Booklet provides detailed information on each committee as well as time commitments you can expect if you serve on the committee. It also provides descriptions of our fellowship groups.

Financial Obligations – include a one-time fee, semi-annual dues, and foundation support:

  • One-time admission fee – $175
  • Semi-annual dues – $395. Packets of 12 meal tickets are $216
  • Madison Rotary Foundation – $340 average annual contribution
  • The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International – $100 average annual contribution

Should I Join?
Potential Rotary Club of Madison members are leaders in good standing who live or work in the Madison area; like to roll up their sleeves and get involved; and know a current Rotarian who is willing to be their membership sponsor.  If that’s you, join us at a complimentary luncheon soon to experience firsthand the power of Rotary to inspire, connect, and transform.

To learn more about our Rotary Club: Rotary Club of Madison Brochure

Rotary Club of Madison Promo

What do we do at the Rotary Club of Madison? CONNECT. GROW. SERVE.