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The Madison Rotary Foundation’s Annual Community Grants Campaign Runs Through January 15, 2021 

ELLSWORTH BROWN chairs this year’s Community Grants Campaign and has this to say:
In times like these, everything changes everything, challenging Madison Rotary to respond to community needs we never anticipated, adjustments for which we were not prepared, and actions we never considered.

We have a long tradition of providing funds for direct support of children who through no fault of their own are in critical need of food, shelter, clothing and health care services, and childcare. Our Club strengthens the safety net that is now stretched beyond precedent.

Same campaign, new name: To highlight our role, the Board has changed the name of our Annual Fund Drive to the Community Grants Campaign, since all of its funds are distributed to recipients in March. We have the opportunity and the obligation to be a lifeline. The Community Grants Committee will once again work hard to assess the needs of the most vulnerable and provide much-needed support.

This frames the goal of this year’s Campaign and the urgency of your support. In recognition of our Club’s current membership size, its own budget adjustments, and the number of members’ organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, that have been hit hard by current circumstances, we have set this year’s goal at $110,000, down about 20% from last year, with the assumption that the generosity of those who can give will rise above last year’s efforts.

During the campaign, we will highlight the good work that resulted from our fund drive to show that we merit your strong support. The Community Grants Campaign runs from October 14 to January 15. With your generous support, we can reach our goal. With your stretched support, we can exceed it, demonstrating our commitment to those who need us most in this challenging time of change. From one Rotarian to another, thank you in advance for your support!

Here is a link to this year’s Community Grants Campaign Pledge Form.

  • Fill out the pledge form, and send it to the Rotary office at 2 S. Carroll St., Ste. 255, Madison, WI 53703 or
  • Use our online contribution option to pay via PayPal or your debit or credit card: Click Online PayPal Option or
  • Simply call our office at 608-255-9164 to make a contribution using your credit card (Visa or Mastercard only)

We have raised $136,590.92 for this year’s campaign. Thank you!