Officers & Directors

2016-2017 Officers & Directors

President: Michelle M. McGrath
Vice President: Donna V. Hurd
Secretary: Patricia L. Jenkins
Treasurer: Daniel J. Larson
Assistant Treasurer: Robert R. Stroud
Sgt.-at-Arms: Stan W. Kitson
Executive Director: Patricia L. Jenkins

Kristine A. Ashe (18)
Darrell W. Behnke (17)
Jason R. Beren (17)
Ellsworth H. Brown (17)
Joanna G. Burish (17)
Donna V. Hurd (17)
Sharyl J. Kato (17)
Rachel E. Krinsky (17)
Mario D. Mendoza (18)
Oscar Mireles (18)
Walter M. Sprinkman (18)
Charles A. Tubbs, Sr. (18)

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